What areas of expertise in recruiting does ProFound offer?

ProFound’s recruiting expertise is primarily focused in technology, software development, digital marketing, and leadership recruiting.  Our team has been recruiting in the technology space for over 20 years.  We work with companies in the private and public sector to include financial services, healthcare, oil/gas, engineering, consulting, insurance, business and professional services, manufacturing, and construction to name a few.   Let us know if we can help you!

What types of recruiting solutions can ProFound offer?

ProFound offers four different types of recruiting solutions.

  • Executive Search
  • Direct Hire
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Contract or Project-Based

I sent my resume to ProFound and never received a call from a recruiter.

ProFound receives hundreds of resumes from candidates each week.  We make it a practice to send you a courtesy email to let you know we received your resume.  Each candidate’s resume will be reviewed by a recruiter.  Unfortunately, not every candidate will received a call back if we do not see an immediate fit for our open positions.

There is good news! ProFound saves your resume in our ATS and will contact you once we find a suitable position that fits your professional background.  It may not be immediately, but one day we may call you. Make sure you answer our call.

What is ProFound’s interview process?

It’s important to ProFound to qualify candidates for our client’s positions.  Our goal is to submit only three or four qualified candidates per job requisition.

Our interview process consists of a mini interview and a qualifying interview going over the candidate’s resume in detail.  We have each candidate complete our Candidate Interview Form to learn more about what is important for your next career move.  ProFound usually talks to each candidate up to two hours before we submit a candidate to the employer.  We want to make sure the candidate is comfortable with the job’s requirements and they feel like it’s a good fit for them. We always get the candidate’s permission to submit their resume to the client.  Plus, we always follow up with the candidate to give them closure on the job opportunity.  Our goal is to always get feedback from the employer for the candidate.  Ask us more questions about our interview process!

How does ProFound present candidates?

ProFound submits not only the candidate’s resume to the client, we also submit a snapshot or marketing summary which outlines the following information on the candidate:

  • qualifications and how they have relevant experience to the open position;
  • candidate’s strengths;
  • what’s important to the candidate in their next career move;
  • when the candidate is available; and
  • salary requirements

In addition, we include any technical assessments or questionnaires required by the employer to the resume submittal.

Does ProFound test candidates on their technical skills?

Yes, ProFound regularly has candidates complete a variety of tests or assessments as well as technical questionnaires created and required by the Employer.  The candidate’s test, assessment or technical questionnaire will be submitted to the employer at the time of resume is submittal.

What does it mean when ProFound asks the candidate if they have the proof of right to work in the United States?

ProFound is required to show the candidate is eligible to work in the United States on their assignments. See the I-9 form for qualifications.

How does ProFound verify that the Candidate has the proof of the right to work in the United States?

During the interview process, we ask the candidate if they have the proof of the right to work in the United States.  If the candidate is hired as a ProFound contractor, we have the candidate complete an I-9 form and we verify the information on

Does ProFound sponsor H1B visa candidates?

Unfortunately, ProFound does not sponsor or hold H1B visa for candidates.

Does ProFound charge the candidate a fee to find them a job?

No, finding you a job is a free service to you.  Help us …help you!

How often should I contact your office after an interview?

ProFound encourages candidates to check-in often with their recruiter to give us a status check.   Our goal is to give our active candidates who are presented to our clients a weekly status update on the interview submittal.

What if I am not interested in a certain position when it is offered? Is it all right to turn it down?

Not every job is going to meet the expectations you have. If you are not interested in a position, you are free to decline. We will continue to offer positions to you based on your skills and preferences.

What if I am on an assignment and decide it is not for me?

We realize that not every job is a good fit for you.  Just like the employer, you like to try before you buy.  Please contact us immediately if you realize your assignment is not a good fit.  Maybe we can remedy the situation and clear up any questions with the employer so you will feel comfortable with your decision.  If not, we ask that you stay on your assignment long enough for us to find a replacement candidate for the employer.

What does it mean when you tell us you need to submit the candidate through a (VMS) Vendor Management System?

Larger companies that hire a lot of contractors to help them on project-based assignments or 3-to 6-month contract assignments use a VMS company to manage the candidate submittals from a variety of vendors and/or staffing companies.  ProFound has a few employers that have VMS companies manage their vendors.

Does ProFound work with third-party companies or RPOs on C2C?

No, ProFound does not work with RPOs, third party or consulting companies on C2C/1099 who offer a bench of contractors at a reduced fee.  It’s not ProFound’s business model to outsource our work to other companies.

Does ProFound prepare the candidate for the interview?

Yes, we can provide the candidate with the job description and company information to help them prepare for the interview.  It will feel like a homework assignment.

Does ProFound check references on candidates?

Yes, ProFound asks the candidate to provide three to four professional references in the event they are a finalist in the interview process.  We typically do not check references until we know the employer and candidate are seriously interested in each other.  ProFound will always ask the candidate’s permission to call their references so we can work hand-in-hand with you to get all three professional references completed.

Does ProFound perform background checks and drug screening on candidates?

Yes, candidates working on contract assignments through ProFound will be required to go through a (7 or 10 year) cafeteria-style background check (i.e., criminal state/federal, credit, education verification, past employment verification, or civil) along with a non-DOT drug screening before they start an assignment at the employer’s job site.  Contractors will be required to give ProFound authorization to start the process.

Does ProFound work with 1099 or C2C candidates?

No. ProFound does not work with 1099 or C2C candidates.

How does ProFound onboard new contractors?

ProFound engages the administrative back-office services of Signature Staff Resources (SSR) to serve as the administrative employer and process the W2 Contractor’s payroll.

ProFound will email the contractor all the new hire paperwork once the contractor accepts a contract assignment. We meet each new contractor at the employer site on the day they start to complete and collect all new hire paperwork. We usually meet the contractor for approximately 30 minutes before they meet with their hiring manager and team to go over any questions regarding our payroll process and timesheet questions.

All W2 Contractors are required to enter their timesheets in the SSR econnect time keeping web portal for Supervisor approval. W2 Contractors will received an email to register for the econnect time keeping web portal. Timesheets must be entered into SSR econnect time keeping web portal by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. for approval. SSR payroll will be processed on Monday at 10:00 a.m. and the W2 Contractor’s paycheck will be directly deposited into their bank account on Friday of each week. The W2Contractor’s paycheck stub will be available to download on the SSR website:

How often are contractors paid?

Payroll Week: Sunday to Saturday

Timesheet Due: Monday at 10:00 a.m.

Paycheck: Friday each week

Does ProFound offer benefits to the contractors?

SSR offers healthcare for W2 Contractor should they elect. Healthcare insurance is offered at 100% paid by the W2 Contractor. ProFound does not contribute to the cost.