ProFound received thousands of resumes a year.  We review each resume that comes across our desk.   Not everyone is a fit for our open position but hopefully one day we will have the right job for you.

The one thing that astonishes us the most is the fact that some people do not include their name or contact information on their resume.  How are we supposed to call you about our open positions?

Our Suggestion:

  • Always include your name, home address, city, state and zip on your resume. ProFound wants to find you a job close to your home address. We know Houston traffic. We know people want a shorter commute.
  • Always include your telephone number on your resume. ProFound wants to have a conversation with you to see if you are a qualified fit for the open position. We want to make sure our job opportunity is right for you.
  • Always include your email address on your resume. ProFound will email you when we need to contact you after leaving messages on your telephone. We want to share the job opportunity and ask you to call us back so we can qualify you for our open position.

ProFound is excited about helping you out in your job search.  Let’s make it an easy and rewarding process.

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